GEZE RWA retten Leben - Notstromsteuerzentralen für Rauch- und Wärmeabzugsanlagen

Central control units to control the individual components

GEZE Emergency power supply units

The THZ emergency power control units enable the coordinated actuation and release of fresh and exhaust air openings equipped with
electrically operated drives. With the new THZ emergency power supply unit, GEZE is presenting a compact solution for reliable
smoke dissipation in staircases.

The emergency power control unit THZ Comfort enables the coordinated control and triggering of all fresh air and exhaust openings fitted with electric drives. Attractive and with the smallest of dimensions, the system
can be mounted in a space-saving manner even in the visible areas of small stairwells.

The RWA BUS central control unit MBZ 300 is the new central control unit for smoke and heat extraction systems. The MBZ 300 units take over the supply, co-ordination and monitoring of all connected opening systems and components. They offer a high operational and service comfort.

The RWA emergency power supply unit E 260 N is the central control unit onto which all components are connected. It controls these components and provides them with power. In the event of a fire, it is activated via the automatic smoke detector, manual RWA switch or external alarms. Activation causes opening or closing of RWA openings, depending on the configuration of the central unit. Drives at the windows and smoke extraction openings can be controlled for regular ventilation operation via the ventilation switches. The RWA function is a higher level function than the ventilation function.