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Door, window and safety technology for hotels and restaurants

Guests’ well-being is paramount at all time in the hotel and restaurant industry: Experiences and comfort, tasteful surroundings and smooth service, along with accessibility, hygiene and safety, are important concerns for any hotel in ensuring guests have a good time and great memories of their stay or restaurant visit.

The entrance area of any hotel sets the tone

Slimdrive SCR in the Mövenpick Hotel

Slimdrive SCR in the Mövenpick Hotel

Hotel guests and visitors enjoy a pleasant reception in the entrance area. The lobby also needs to be protected against draughts and disruptive exterior noise. Ultimately, the entrance area sets the tone of the hotel calling card and should reflect the building's overall design concept. GEZE offers multiple solutions for these highly frequented areas, which can be custom-integrated to match the architecture. The range includes: automatic sliding doors, semi-curved and curved sliding doors, corner sliding doors, revolving doors, or glass doors with bottom door closers.

Transparent, bright, and open entrance areas were designed for the Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg, for instance – including GEZE solutions. Slimdrive, with an overall height of just 7 cm, has proven an excellent choice for perfect integration into the façade. The IGG integrated all-glass systems by GEZE create light and transparency.

To create a particularly impressive entrance area, the Revo.PRIME revolving door is a great choice. Thanks to its low canopy height of just 75mm and narrow profile system of just 60mm, it impresses by offering maximum transparency in your entryway area.  It creates a welcoming feeling, protects against unwanted draughts, and improves the building's energy efficiency.

Be inspired by our Revo.PRIME

Quick service thanks to automatic drive units

Quick service with automatic doors

Quick service with automatic doors © Stefan Dauth / GEZE GmbH

Whether visiting a restaurant or staying at a hotel: guests are happy if their stay goes smoothly and effortlessly, and that includes fast service. The GEZE Slimdrive EMD series is a genuine enhancement to this: Swing doors or sliding doors between the kitchen and restaurant open quickly and reliably, ensuring unimpeded service. Flexible installation on the hinge or opposite hinge side is a major advantage. But most electrical motor operates the doors gently and quietly is the unique overall height of just 7 cm which ensures perfect integration into the room design.

The automatic sliding door drive ECdrive T2 offers reliability without compromise. Especially in areas where staff need to provide service quickly and without interruption, ECdrive T2 provides an economical drive: Self-cleaning roller carriage and high quality materials guarantee the calm and quiet running of the sliding door – ideal, for example, for busy doors between kitchen and restaurant. In terms of sustainability, our ECdrive T2 also impresses with its energy-efficient profile, making it possible to optimise energy efficiency in buildings.

Essential in hospitality: Emergency exit protection

In hotels and restaurants, escape and rescue routes are statutorily required. Emergency exit protection (FWS) guarantees that guests can exit the building quickly and safely in an emergency. GEZE offers conform and certified emergency exit system solutions such as door control units, emergency exit devices and panic locks, which can be tailored to specific demands and individual emergency exit concepts.


Fire protection for restaurants and accommodation

Fire protection doors and smoke and heat extraction systems (SHEV) are part of preventive fire protection. In an emergency, this ensures that fire and smoke cannot spread unhindered. In addition, fire protection measures ensure that rescue routes can be passed safely.


Tasteful ambiance with functional comfort

Hotel Schloss Elmau Retreat

Hotel Schloss Elmau Retreat © Robert Sprang / GEZE GmbH

In addition to a hotel's service, its interior often plays a key role in guests’ impressions. Aesthetic awareness and functional comfort combined bring a hotel's true unique character to light. GEZE offers a variety of solutions to help create a tasteful ambiance. Room partition systems, for example, are an ideal way to attractively structure various areas. A variety of materials or decorative glass elements with custom silk-screen print motifs can be used to combine or separate bar and restaurant areas in any configuration. GEZE also offers solutions for room division and design in private guest areas: Partitioning with glass partition walls makes your rooms transparent, allowing bath, sleeping, and living areas, for instance, to be separated from one another in an elegant and space-saving way.

Design & comfort needn’t be mutually exclusive in entrance areas either. For example, GEZE door solutions offer sleek and understated support to the design of a vestibule in the Hotel Schloss Elmau lobby: Two fine-framed linear Slimdrive SL NT glass sliding door systems provide access to the patio, with its magnificent view of the Wetterstein mountains. As installation of the mere 70 mm tall drives on fixed glazing wooden elements demonstrates, classic designs by GEZE can be integrated into any architecture and every environment.

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Hygiene in hotels and restaurants with automatic door systems

Automatic doors from GEZE in the Panorama Restaurant on the Zugspitze

Automatic doors from GEZE in the Panorama Restaurant on the Zugspitze © Robert Sprang / GEZE GmbH

GEZE automatic door systems naturally ensure accessibility and a smooth service. At the same time, our products support hotels and restaurants in implementing hygiene measures. Food hygiene in particular is subject to particularly stringent statutory provisions, such as EHEDG guidelines. But hygienic environment plays a key role in ensuring a wholly positive experience in many other areas too. Whether in entrance areas, corridors and passageways, sanitary facilities, conference and wellness areas or even in restaurants: manually operated functional elements will always be touched by many people, resulting in problems in terms of hygiene.

Automatic swing doors, sliding doors and revolving doors by GEZE help to establish hygienic conditions here, as well as ensuring the safety and well-being of guests and staff. They allow people to barrier-free access through the doors in hotel facilities and restaurants without making any contact, all thanks to our reliable drive units. Together with the sensors and activation devices such as the GC 307+, we offer tailored solutions for every door situation.

GEZE automatic doors

For the good of the guest: Close doors quietly

In hotels and restaurants, banging doors are a definite no. After all, guests do not want to be woken or disturbed by loud hotel room doors. With the GEZE ActiveStop, doors close quietly, for the damping gently brakes even fast-closing doors and then closes them noiselessly. In addition, GEZE ActiveStop also holds doors open at individual adjustable angles without assistance. For example, additional door stoppers on the wall or floor are not needed - a clean solution that hotel staff are also happy about. Without a floor-mounted door stopper, after all, it is easier to clean the floors. And in service areas, doors themselves can be passed through comfortably, even with full hands.


Close doors securely and quietly in changing pressure conditions

If doors need to close not only quietly but also securely, the TS 5000 SoftClose door closer is the right choice. In addition to room doors, there are other challenging situations in hotels, in particular, where a door needs to close with absolute security, but also as quietly as possible. Entryway areas or staircases, for instance, can often be subject to changing pressure conditions caused by wind and suction. In this case, specialised door closers like the TS 5000 SoftClose are a good choice and ensure an optimal relationship between force and closing speed, so that doors can close reliably and yet gently.

To the TS 5000 SOFTCLOSE

Comfortable ventilation with automatic windows

Fresh air and a pleasant indoor climate should be a given in good hotels and restaurants. An efficient and comfortable method is natural ventilation using automatic windows. Depending on the room use and installation situation, power-operated windows may need safety measures in order to guarantee safe use – even by untrained people, e.g. the guests.

Protection-rating conform window protection

Depending on the protection rating, certain protections against crushing and cutting edges are needed for automated power-operated windows. For example, non-contact sensors like the GC 342 laser scanner in combination with the safety switch module IQ box Safety ensure the necessary window safety – even for the highest protection rating 4.


GEZE – Security through advice

The jungle of regulations and legal demands is growing ever denser. GEZE Global Account Management for the hotel and restaurant industry can advise you through every phase of service. Personal advice on the standards and laws that regulate door, window, and safety technology in various international regions is a standard part of the service we offer. This allows us to comply with uniformly high safety standards – no matter where your project is located. We combine experience from numerous hotel and restaurant industry projects with the expertise of our international network of consultants in everything we, which enable us to offer effective collaboration based on partnership.